THIS IS HOT! EVERY author would love to become a best selling author at some point in their career. To become a bestseller, you have to appear on a listing of “best sellers”. The major bestseller lists are ABA IndieBound (ABA), The New York Times (NYT), Barnes & Noble (BAN). Also Publishers Weekly (PBW), The Boston Globe (BOG), USA Today (USA), The Denver Post (DPO), The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), The Los Angeles Times (LAT), (WAL),, and

New York Times is one of the most famous lists to be featured on. However, Amazon is the largest book retailer in the world. They carry over 33 MILLION titles and ship them to almost any location on the planet.

We have developed a proven process to create, optimize, promote and manage a best-selling Amazon campaign for any book, any niche.

The key here is AMAZON will be calling you a “best seller.” (not giving away books, but SELLING them.)

Best Seller

We do not guarantee any specific amount of stats for your book, but we do 100% GUARANTEE that your book will become a Best Seller in 30 days or less!

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